• Monolithic skylights
  • Continuous form
  • Curtainsiders
  • Daily ventilation
  • Smoke and heat evacuators


Skylights obtained from the thermoforming of a single flat sheet of polycarbonate (compact or alveolar) or methacrylate (compact).
We can supply these skylights with single or double wall, with or without canopy in order to satisfy every need for thermal insulation.


Skylights obtained from the thermoforming of flat sheets in polycarbonate (compact or alveolar) or methacrylate (compact).
The difference with the monolithic ones is that of having the "head" module and the "intermediate" module so as to be able to compose the skylight "to measure".


skylights where the strong point is the large opening that they can guarantee (even 4.50m from support to support) without great predispositions.
We can supply steel or aluminum ribs according to the customer's needs.
The cover is always made of polycarbonate (compact or alveolar).
The waterproofing of the joint between the sheets is guaranteed by a joint cover with EPDM gaskets.


Each skylight can be equipped with openings for daily ventilation.
In this case, the portion of the skylight that you will want to "open" will be equipped with a specially designed frame equipped with manual (jack) or automatic (electric motors or pneumatic cylinders) opening devices


Portions of skylight or artifacts in their own right installed on the roof or "shed" designed to be able to open completely autonomously in the event of a fire in the rooms below, thus creating an opening for the evacuation of fumes and heat.
We can supply various types of “EFC”: polycarbonate blades, aluminum blades, dome.